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This Is a Truly Lousy Experiment About Evolution

by Ed Yong, The Atlantic,
Mar. 13, 2019

“Believing that it is always best to study some special group, I have, after deliberation, taken up domestic pigeons,” wrote one Charles Darwin in On the Origin of Species. Four years earlier..."

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Read commentary by D. Rozen: "Lice dodge death by going to the light" in Journal of Experimental Biology - here

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Sex, lice and video tape

by Lisa Potter, Univ. Utah


"Biologists drove the divergence of different-sized feather lice from a single population. In 4 years the evolved lice had trouble mating with each other, a sign of speciastion. They caught it on tape..."


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Far Side of Science

by Lisa Potter, Univ. Utah

"Since Gary Larson’s “The Far Side” cartoons hit newsstands in 1979, Dale Clayton, an evolutionary parasitologist at the University of Utah and appreciator of the wacky, has loved the comic’s tongue-in-cheek representation of the natural world and the scientists who study it....""


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Birds Fight Alien Invasion

by Lee Siegel, Univ. Utah

"Unlike Hawaii and other island groups, no native bird has gone extinct in the Galapagos Islands, although some are in danger. But University of Utah biologists found that finches – the birds Darwin studied – develop antibodies against two parasites that moved to the Galapagos, suggesting the birds can fight the alien invaders...."

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