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Hannah M. Warr
Research Technician
Juan Altuna
(801) 585-9742


Hannah M. War  - Research Technician

I just received my bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Utah. I am currently a laboratory technician in the Clayton/Bush. Technically, my first day in the lab I was flown to Hawaii for a month of field work, which was amazing because I love field work. Currently in the lab, I am working on experiments involving anti-parasite host behavior, such as grooming, in birds. I have a strong interest in entomology and parasitology, especially the ecology of parasitoids. I plan on applying to graduate programs in the Fall of 2023 and starting my PHD the following year. Outside of lab, you can find me foraging for mushrooms, enjoying a cup at a local coffee shop, or grabbing a bite with friends”