Study Backs up Utah Lice Killing Invention
November 5, 2006
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CBS News: The Early Show
Eliminating Head Lice
November 7, 2006


As It Happens (CBC)
Lice killer
November of 2006
National Public Radio (NPR)
Shrinkwrap, Zap or Blow Lice... 
November 29, 2006
The Osgood File
The Osgood file
November 6, 2006
The People's Pharmacy
November of 2006
Sunday House Call
Say these five words, your child has head lice...
November of 2006


Lousebuster moiders lice
November 7, 2006
A new non-chemical treatment for lice?
November 7, 2006
The C.A.M. Report

Treating infestations of head lice with hot air

November 7, 2006
About: Parenting Special Needs
Heat defeats head lice -- Hooray!
November 7, 2006

Articles (Magazines, Newspapers, etc.)

ABC News
If your child has bugs
November 6, 2006
All Headline News
Supped up blow dryer kills lice
November 6, 2006
BBC News

'Dry air' device kills head lice

November 6, 2006
CBC News
Lots of hot air kill off head lice: Study
November 6, 2006
CBS News: HealthWatch
Who ya gonna call for lice? LouseBuster
November 6, 2006
Chicago Sun-Times

'LouseBuster' claims to stop bugs from getting a head

November 6, 2006
China News
Study shows hot, dry air device eradicates head lice
November 7, 2006 Health
Hot air device dries out head lice, inventors say
November 6, 2006

Special hair dryer to kill head lice: LouseBuster

November 6, 2006

Researchers tout device to kill lice

November 6, 2006
Los Angeles Times

Victory in louse wars?

November 13, 2006
Medical News Today
Device dries lice and nits out of hair
November 6, 2006
The Money Times (India)
Blow of hot air proves fatal for lice: Study
November of 2006
The New York Times
Remedies: Researchers devise new weapon for head lice
November 7, 2006
NSF: National Science Foundation
"LouseBuster" instrument shown to kill head lice
November 6, 2006
The Salt Lake Tribune
Killing head lice just got easier
November 6, 2006
Sciences et Avenir
Un souffle chaud contre les poux
November 6, 2006
Spiegel Online
Viel heibe Luft gegen Kopfläuse
November of 2006
Tenerife News Online
A hairdryer device kills head lice
November of 2006
Times Online
The gadget that blows your head lice away
November 6, 2006
Universonline (Italian)
Eliminare i pidocchi con un phon
November of 2006
'LouseBuster' said to kill lice in 30 minutes without chemicals
November 6, 2006