On November 3rd, 2006, our research evaluating hot-air treatments for human head lice was published in the journal Pediatrics. An associated University of Utah press release garnered extensive, worldwide media. The overwhelming response from the public validated the size of the problem. The LouseBuster story was ranked in the top 3 health-related stories on Google on November 6th.

The LouseBuster was featured on more than one hundred national and international television news broadcasts, including CNN, The Today Show (NBC), Good Morning America (ABC), The Early Show (CBS), and As It Happens (CBC). It was discussed on dozens of radio and talk show programs, including NPR, The CBS Radio Network, BBC News, Charles Osgood and Paul Harvey. Hundreds of newspapers, magazines, e-zines, and web blogs covered the story, including The New York Times, The Times (London), The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Reuters, Science, Reader’s Digest, Parenting Magazine, and many others.