Emiko Waight
Graduate Student

(801) 585-9742


Emiko Waight, Graduate student:

I am an evolutionary biologist, and in May 2017 I received my my B.S in Evolution and Ecology from the Ohio State University. At Ohio State I researched adaptive radiation and hybridization in the plant genus Penstemon.

I joined the Clayton-Bush lab in the fall of 2017 and I am currently working with the pigeon-louse study system. The lab has conducted a four-year experimental evolution study where lice underwent host transfers to differently sized and colored pigeons. I am examining the genetic architecture underlying the changes in both color and size that have been observed during this study.

Other projects: I completed a study that determined the generation time of Columbicola columbae on their natural host, and found that in vitro estimated are reasonably accurate in predicting true generation time. I also did a project looking at the mating success of Columbicola tschulychman of varying sizes and found that lice that are too dissimilar in size are not able to successfully mate, following the trend seen in C. columbae.

Outside of research I enjoy skiing, hiking, reading, and hanging out with my cat.