Ashley Saulsberry
Graduate Student
(801) 585-9742


I received my BA from Vanderbilt University with highest honors in ecology, evolutionary, and organismal biology in spring of 2015. 

I my research career with an ecological field project in the Smoky Mountains on the Indiana bat under the supervision of Joy O’Keefe. At Vanderbilt, I studied a novel incidence of F1 hybrid mortality in a genus of parasitoid wasp in Seth Bordenstein’s lab. There, my interests in evolutionary biology and parasitism were cultivated, and I joined the Clayton-Bush lab in the fall of 2015 to study how interactions between hosts and their parasites can influence diversification, speciation, and reproductive isolation.

My interest in birds began with my involvement with Science Olympiad in high school, so I am excited to finally have the opportunity to work with them in the Clayton-Bush lab. I am enjoying getting to know the captive pigeons of the lab, and I plan to study the hybridization of feather lice and the various mechanisms that reproductively isolate them. I plan to spend the spring of 2016 working in the Galapagos with Sabrina McNew.

Outside of research, I like to hike. I am enjoying the change of scenery from the southeast and like to explore the different mountain ranges that are close to Salt Lake. I also enjoy reading, going to the gym, and exploring the city.