Maggie Doolin
Graduate Student

Maggie Doollin
(801) 585-9742


I grew up in Marlborough, Massachusetts. During my undergraduate degree in Biology at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY, I developed a strong interest in parasites during a parasitology course. I was inspired by the fusion of ecology, evolutionary biology, and organismal biology all wrapped up into the interesting host-parasite systems we studied. After graduating in 2014, I lived in Georgia leading trail maintenance trips with the Student Conservation Association and then in Florida for a sea turtle conservation internship with the Conservancy of Southwest Florida. In January 2016, I returned to academics at the State University of New York at Oneonta, where I pursued my Master’s in Biology studying the systematics of Neoechinorhynchus– a large genus of fish acanthocephalans (thorny-headed worms) – and really rekindled my interest in studying host-parasite systems. I completed my Master’s in the spring of 2018.

Current Research
I joined the Clayton-Bush lab in the fall of 2018, and am exploring potential avenues of research regarding birds and their ectoparasites. Stay tuned for more!

Other Interests
Outside of research, I enjoy hiking, playing recreational sports, and sampling craft beer.