Rock Pigeon

(Columba livia)

Projects: Ecology, Behavior, Systematics

Selected papers:
Clayton, D. H., B. R. Moyer, S. E. Bush, D. Gardiner, B. Rhodes, T. Jones and F. Goller. 2005. Adaptive significance of avian beak morphology for ectoparasite control. Proceedings of the Royal Society: Biological Sciences. 272:811-817.
PDF  The New York Times Article 05/10/05

Moyer, B.R., A.N. Rock and D.H. Clayton. 2003. An experimental test of the importance of preen oil in Rock Doves (Columba livia). Auk 120:490-496.  PDf

Clayton, D.H. 1990. Male choice in experimentally parasitized Rock Doves: Lousy males lose. American Zoologist 30:251-262. PDF